Cultus Artem Bag with 8 Samples
Cultus Artem

Sample Flight for Unisex

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Experience all 8 Cultus Artem fine fragrances. The brand is artist-driven and exists independently with the freedom to focus on artistry, the preservation of handcraftsmanship, and carefully-considered production quantities. All of Cultus Artem's fragrances are designed, formulated, manufactured, and packaged with recyclable materials. They use safe, natural ingredients.

The sample fight consists of:

Alba- A gentle citrus rounded by hay and beeswax with a finale of opulent jonquille

Amara- A hot citrus-like sunrise hovering over smooth sandalwood with a flick of biting herbaceousness.

Champaca- A spectral, narcotic white floral, potent and elusive in the same breath

Ilex- A smokey jasmine with the added richness of rare iris notes in narcissus

Poeticus- A narcotic heavy floral laced with spice, tobacco and human sweat

Rosa- A warm and earthy rose spiced with Indonesian clove and patchouli

Tuberosa- A blend of resinous spice with tuberose and musky white florals

Vetiveria- A woody smokey vetiver softened by creamy coconut pulp

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