Perfumed Passion Gold Earrings
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Perfumed Passion Gold Earrings

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How cool are earrings that are perfumed? They contain a JewelStone™ to absorb and hold fragrance for an extended period of time, far exceeding the standard timespan when perfume is applied to skin or clothing. In ideal conditions (low humidity), each JewelStone™ can hold the scent strongly for up to 28 days. Even after 28 days, the scent is still noticeable, but more subtle. With 3 JewelStone™ in each gift box, this equals up to 3-month supply before needing refills.

The earrings are 10ct gold over 925 sterling silver. You'll get a 3-month supply of Perfumed Jewelstones plus Jewelstone storage Jar. A free signature gift box, wrapping, gift bag, and FREE worldwide delivery are available.

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