Primal Instinct Pheromones 10 ml bottle
Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct Ylang Ylang for Men

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This cologne is so cool because it not only smells good, but contains pheromones. Pheromones are natural hormones produced by most creatures to attract other members of the same species, and create social bonds. Research has shown that certain pheromone molecules can actually affect your mood, confidence, attractiveness, approachability, authority, and even ability to attract romantic partners!

This scent the most potent sex pheromone available, which is purported to increase the wearer's sex appeal, perceived authority, and other "alpha" qualities, making him more attractive to people who seek out more dominant, sexually confident men. This is the real deal, so beware of using too much! That could make you seem intimidating and aggressive, which can frighten off the people you want to attract and provoke agitation and aggression in other men, so you only need 1-2 drops. It is scented with ylang ylang oil, which has a soft, pleasant fragrance similar to jasmine flowers, and can naturally reduces stress and anxiety.

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