Yo' Mama for Women
Yo' Mama for Women
My Signature Scent

Yo' Mama for Women

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Yo’ Mama is a modern interpretation of the fragrances that your mama wore back in the day. The rose and musk you smelt in Avon’s Sweet Honesty is freshened by the citrus of Jean Nate. Powdery aldehyde from Chanel No. 5 and White Diamonds is brightened by the Lily-of-the-Valley found in Opium. Whether you’re wearing it to catch a whiff and trigger old memories, or giving it to Mama as a gift, this is a beautiful, feminine fragrance.

The bottle is 15ml (great size for travel since you can pack it in your carry-on luggage!).

Price: $50

Ingredients: Organic Ethanol, Fragrance Oil, De-ionized Water

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