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Arome De Femme Pheromones for Women

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This cologne is so cool because it not only smells good, but contains pheromones. Pheromones are natural hormones produced by most creatures to attract other members of the same species, and create social bonds. Research has shown that certain pheromone molecules can actually affect your mood, confidence, attractiveness, approachability, authority, and even ability to attract romantic partners!

This classic perfume infused with copulins, which are potent sex pheromones, and are perfect for women who want to deepen their relationships with their partners or attract someone new into their life. The delicate, light floral scent is pleasing and distinctive without being overwhelming. It is especially pleasant to those who enjoy traditional perfumes with more natural fragrance notes. Wear this when you want to put yourself and your partner in a romantic, intimate mood, or when you want to attract attention from the men around you. Expect flirtatious responses and increased sexual attraction. Long-term partners may also find that it improves trust and comfort with one another.

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