Blacker Da Berry for Unisex
Blacker Da Berry for Unisex
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Blacker Da Berry for Unisex

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The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. This fragrance celebrates Blackness. It's the
memory of Grandma sitting on her plastic-covered sofa smoking a cigarette. It is the cocoa butter rubbed on supple skin. It's the coconut oil used to glide through kinky hair. It is the chocolate in brown skin. Leather represents the strength of the ancestors.  It has the bitter-sweetness the comes from survival against all odds. It is the freshness of a new day. It is unapologetically Black.

The bottle is 15ml (great size for travel since you can pack it in your carry-on luggage!).

Price: $50

Ingredients: Organic Ethanol, Fragrance Oil, De-ionized Water

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