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Royal Crown

Celebration for Unisex

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This fragrance is a snapshot of Italy’s charm, culture, and art, a celebration of the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification. A subtle mix of Mediterranean ingredients; Calabria’s bergamot, orange blossom and tangerine from Sicily; lemons from Amalfi’s coast; rosemary from Tremiti’s islands; Roman mint and olive flowers from Gargano; verbena and rose of Portofino; iris and Narciso Fiorentino; myrtle and gorse from Sardinia; oak musk and Artemisia’s absinthe; chamomile and mastic of Valli Padane fused together with a heart of jasmin from Calabria, and a base of cypress wood. The final touch is an infusion of grey amber, the only exception to this made-in-Italy symphony. This is a great smell, extreme and refined, unmistakable in its Italian elegance.

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