Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood
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Edge Pheromone Cologne with Sandalwood for Men

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This cologne is so cool because it not only smells good, but contains pheromones. Pheromones are natural hormones produced by most creatures to attract other members of the same species, and create social bonds. Research has shown that certain pheromone molecules can actually affect your mood, confidence, attractiveness, approachability, authority, and even ability to attract romantic partners!

This oil-based pheromone cologne contains a balanced blend of sexual and social pheromones. It contains pheromones that enhance your sexual magnetism, confidence, and authority; gives you a trustworthy and dependable aura; and stimulates women's sexual and romantic interests. The distinctive scent of sandalwood, with its woody notes, enhances the effects of the pheromones by elevating the mood and sharpening focus.

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