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TRUE Opener - Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

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“Mr. Right” doesn’t always have what it takes to “break the ice.” There are plenty of guys with cheesy pickup lines who don’t have the personality or looks to match their ambition. Most of the good guys? They are sitting back, watching, and hoping that you will come to them first. Often, it’s these guys that you want the most. The men that you desire but you think that you can’t have. With TRUEOpener, they aren’t just yours; encourage them to come right to you and tell you. The active pheromone in TRUEOpener creates a communication enhancement response in men and women. It combines a perfect blend of alpha and beta androstenol to make you more approachable, regardless of your attractiveness level. This comes in a vanilla scent, or unscented so you can combine or layer it with your favorite perfume.

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