If Perfumes Had Stripper Names...


Let's have a little fun and fantasize about what our Signature Scents would be called if they had stripper names...

*Despite the feminine personification, all fragrances besides Yo' Mama are unisex.

1. Blacker Da Berry = "Younique"

Shiny Stripper Boot

2. Wet Wet = "Misty"

Shiny Blue Stripper Heel

3. HNIC = "Boss Bish"

Stripper Shoe with Gun Heel and Bullets on Ankle Strap

4. Georgia "Shawty" Peach = "Candy"

Shiny Stripper Shoe

5. Hot Sauce = "Firestarter"

Tall Shiny Red Boot

6. Yo' Mama = "The O.G."

Pink, strappy stipper shoe

7. Chocolate City = "Sweetmeat"

Timberland-Style Thigh High Stipper Boot

8. Sugar Honey Iced Tea = "Smooth"

Gold high heel shoe