My Signature Scent Launches Artisan Fragrance Line

Scent-Matchmaking Company My Signature Scent, LLC Launches Artisan Fragrance Line

Six unique, unisex scents have been released.

Expanding from matching customers with designer and niche fragrances, My Signature Scent, LLC has debuted a fragrance line consisting of six, unisex perfumes. Founder Aiesha McKenzie is a long-time fragrance enthusiast who has been experimenting with scent combinations since elementary school. She has blended her own fragrances at different studios, which encouraged her to produce a collection of fragrances for general consumption. The Howard University and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate used her product development background to design and brand six, themed fragrances.

Blacker Da Berry is an evocative and sultry blend that celebrates Blackness. It captures the energy of the saying, “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” The notes capture the Black experience – from the memory of grandma sitting on her plastic-covered sofa smoking a cigarette to rubbing coconut oil through kinky hair – and combine effortlessly.

HNIC, a word play on the old saying about who is in charge, features notes of hay, neroli, iris flower, and cedarwood. It is a fresh, yet stimulating, fragrance. Hay creates a slightly herbaceous and calm essence, while being uplifted by the honeyed citrus of neroli. Iris contributes its powdery sensuality, and is in great company with cedarwood, which is reminiscent of pencil shavings. This fragrance evokes an aura of subtle power.

Sugar Honey Iced Tea invokes spa-like vibes. The sweetness of sugar is smoothed with honey, and mellowed by tea. It is a soft and refreshing fragrance that is unexpected. This perfume is not your average tea-based scent; it is in a class of its own.

Wet Wet is gushy and moist. It’s cool, clean, soapy, floral, slightly powdery, very airy, and refreshing. Pretty and powerful, it is a scent that appeals to the masses.

Georgia “Shawty” Peach it the sweetest of the bunch. This fruity-floral fragrance pays homage to Georgia Peaches. Sweet and intoxicating gardenia flirts with sensual peach, creating a charming and crisp scent.

Hot Sauce is an experience. When hot peppers, corn, cinnamon, smoke, and wood are combined, a spicy and warm olfactory storm is created. One may need to take a few sniffs to try to understand it. It is a perfume of phases, starting out with spicy oomph, and drying down to a sweet, mild scent with a kick. This fragrance is the quirkiest of the bunch.

“I design scents for people who use fragrance as a tool to turn heads and differentiate themselves from the pack. What could be more boring than smelling common?” says founder Aiesha McKenzie.

All fragrances are available for testing and purchase at the New Black Wall Street Market in Stonecrest, GA.

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